Lean TWI Summit in Wroclaw

Lean TWI Summit

This summer, the city of Wrocław, Poland, will be the stage for the inaugural Lean TWI Summit, happening on June 19th and 20th. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals of Lean management and the Training Within Industry (TWI) framework, this event promises a robust agenda of insightful talks and interactive workshops. It stands as a prime occasion for those devoted to the principles of Lean Thinking and TWI to advance their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and network with a community of forward-thinking professionals.

Day One: A Fusion of Thought-Provoking Sessions The summit sets off with a dynamic series of lectures and case studies, all in Polish, aimed at sparking creativity and providing in-depth insight into Lean methodologies. Highlights include:

  • “Building High-Performing Teams” by Dave Christensen, dissecting the impact of strategic coaching on business achievements.
  • “Journey to Excellence” with Tomasz Kanikuła, emphasizing the creation of a lasting continuous improvement culture.
  • Detailed case studies from the realm of manufacturing, showcasing the effective application and results of Lean methods.
  • Engaging talks on “The Power of Collaboration” and the essential roles of operators in driving process improvements and implementing TPM.

These sessions are designed to inspire participants and offer them strategic ways to drive Lean projects in their organizations.

Day Two: Cultivating Global Lean Leaders Through Workshops Tailored for an English-speaking audience, the second day is packed with workshops aimed at:

  • “How To Effectively Implement And Sell A Lean Project To Advance Your Career,” led by Ian Wordsworth and Kamil Studziński, focusing on the methodologies for successful Lean project execution and the nuances of communicating its value to senior management.
  • “Standardized Work with TWI,” presented by Andrea Manti and Kamil Muller, concentrating on leveraging TWI methodologies for the standardization of work, thereby improving operational performance, quality, and safety.

Enriching the Learning Experience Through Partnerships The summit benefits from the collaboration with Leancoin and the Lean Community, offering participants a multifaceted view on Lean practices and principles.

Begin Your Lean Adventure in Wrocław Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to propel your career and make a positive impact on your organization through the adoption of Lean principles. For additional information and to register, please visit:

Registration portals:

We eagerly invite you to join us in Wrocław for a landmark event that promises to be both enlightening and transformative, offering insights into Lean and TWI that will redefine your professional journey. Prepare for an experience that will not only enhance your skillset but also broaden your perspective on continuous improvement and operational excellence. See you at the summit for an unforgettable learning adventure!

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