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You can be creative. We are focused on sharing the knowledge and skills by individuals. We are giving You space to share Your story. You can also offer Your digital products as well as services.
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The system works with two currencies what makes it innovative. You publish Your offer in USD and the price is presented in both: USD (constant) and LEAN (by exchange rate).
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After transaction, You will get Your income in $LEAN currency. $LEAN is easily convertible to USDT or FIAT on the global exchanges for digitized currencies.
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You publish Your offer for free. If You sell Your product or service, You will get 92% of the price in $LEAN. 8% fee in $LEAN will be transfered to Job Placement and Community Wallet.

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The 8% fee from each transaction will be transfered to Burning Waller where it will be burned according to burning ratio.

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It is easy, just fill out the form on the Seller Dashboard.

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